About Surf pictures by Mr RealSurf

Don Norris has been taking surf photographs since 1974. And he's been surfing since '69. A writer by profession and webmaster of www.realsurf.com, Don also edits a photography magazine (see www.photoreview.com.au). He set this site up in order to share his passion for capturing average surfers at their peak moments. (He also hopes to earn a little dough so he can upgrade his photo gear to do an even better job).
Surf photography for surfers

My surf photography mission is very simple: to catch ordinary surfers at their best.

You won't find many pictures of pro surfers in these galleries. But you will find shots of people who probably surf about like you do.

I've been shooting surfers for close to 40 years now and I still love the challenge of making an average surfer look, well, anything but average.

So, if you see me at the beach, don't assume I'm taking pictures of somebody else; check the galleries (usually up by the next day) and you'll probably find I got a few of you!


Why the watermark

All pics are for sale, so when you buy one the watermark is removed.

  • Small (for phones) $6.50
  • Medium (for desktop wallpaper) $9.50
  • Large (up to A4 size prints) $16.50
  • Maximum (up to A3 size prints) $29.50